When i was puerto rican summary chapter 2? (2024)

What is the summary of when I was Puerto Rican?

Overview. The memoir When I Was Puerto Rican recounts author Esmeralda Santiago's early years. It is the first of her three memoirs chronicling her childhood in Puerto Rico to her eventual residence in the United States. It is a coming of age story, but mines richer material than that.

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Why does Negi want to be a jíbara?

As a young child, she wants desperately to be a jíbara (a country person, usually of indigenous origin) because she thinks the lifestyle is romantic, but Mami tells her she can't be a jíbara because she was born in the city.

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Why does Negi take off her uniform when fighting?

Negi is caught between defending herself from her classmates and avoiding Mami's wrath. Removing her uniform, then, is a (rather amusing) way for her to shape Mami's code to fit her own needs.

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What happened at the end of when I was Puerto Rican?

At the end of the book she tries out for the School for the Performing Arts. Esmeralda Santiago really brings Puerto Rico to life. Despite the poverty and the problems, Negi's family loves her and wants her to succeed -- and she does.

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What are 2 important facts about Puerto Rico?

The Island has almost 300 miles of coastline and nearly the same number of beaches. Puerto Rico has the largest shopping center in the Caribbean, Plaza Las Américas, and the most extensive rum factory globally, Casa Bacardí.

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What are 4 key events in the history of Puerto Rico?

1854: Vieques annexed to Puerto Rico. 1865: Cuban and Puerto Ricans living in New York City form Republican Society to agitate for independence from Spain. 1868: El Grito de Lares Rebellion, demanding Puerto Rico's independence from Spain. 1873: Slavery abolished in Puerto Rico.

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Why is Negi thrilled to learn that Margie is her sister?

Negi is thrilled to learn about her older sister because she wonders what it is like to not be the oldest sibling. Papi turns to Negi for comfort instead of Mami because Mami hates Provi and Margie so talking about them would be impossible.

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What is Puerto Rico suffering from?

The debate over Puerto Rico's statehood remains as relevant as ever, as the island struggles with the combined effects of economic depression, shrinking population, debt crisis and bankruptcy, natural disasters, the COVID-19 pandemic, and government mismanagement.

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How did slavery end in Puerto Rico?

On March 22, 1873, the Spanish National Assembly finally abolished slavery in Puerto Rico. The owners were compensated with 35 million pesetas per slave, and slaves were required to continue working for three more years. Indemnity bond paid as compensation to former owners of freed slaves as compensation.

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What happened to Negi's younger brother Raymond after he gets on Jenny's bike?

Negi is unable to control her siblings and goes home alone, though she runs back when she hears screams of pain and terror. Raymond and Jenny have fallen, and Raymond's foot got caught in the bike chain. Negi feels responsible, but is later furious when the adults blame Jenny.

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Why do the school children call Negi a jíbara?

13) Negi was told by her mother that she was not a jíbara because she was born in the city, although their life in Macun was no better than that of the jíbaro. But when Negi moved with her mother to Santurce, a suburb of San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico, she was treated as a jíbara by her classmates.

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How old is Negi in when I was Puerto Rican?

Another theme that was expressed throughout the book was coming of age. “When I Was Puerto Rican” follows Negi from age 4 to 14. During this time, Negi is required and expected by her mother to grow up and mature much faster than her younger siblings.

When i was puerto rican summary chapter 2? (2024)

Who is the child of Mami and Francisco in Brooklyn and his father soon dies after he is born?

Negi loves her musical voice, and how she teaches English Composition as though everyone cares deeply about it. The child of Mami and Francisco in Brooklyn. His father dies soon after he is born.

What is Puerto Rico's nickname?

Puerto Rico's nickname, Island of Enchantment, is a fitting sobriquet. Sandy beaches, palm trees, and tropical breezes make it a favorite getaway for the sun and surf crowd.

How old is Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico was settled by a succession of indigenous peoples beginning 2,000 to 4,000 years ago; these included the Ortoiroid, Saladoid, and Taíno. It was then colonized by Spain following the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1493.

How old do you have to be to drink in Puerto Rico?

There is some similarity between DUI-related laws in Puerto Rico and the U.S. mainland, but there are also differences. For example, the legal drinking age in Puerto Rico is 18, and for those 18–20 years of age, BAC levels must be lower than . 02.

What are 3 influences on Puerto Rico?

From the interweaving of the Taíno, African, and Spanish traditions emerged the Puerto Rican, a new identity composed of traits from all three groups.

Who did Negi love?

It is revealed in the interview in the volume 12 of UQ Holder! that Chisame is the girl that Negi has a crush on. However, when he confesses to her, she rejects him, primarily due to his age. Inspite of this, it's later revealed that Chisame eventually reciprocated Negi's affections, leading the two to be married.

Who does Negi have a crush on?

Asuna Kagurazaka: Negi and Asuna's relationship starts off on very shaky ground, as he was forced to live in the same room with her as a request from the academy's dean, but also happened to replace the homeroom teacher she happened to have a crush on.

Who marries Negi?

Later is revealed in UQ Holder! that Chisame was the girl Negi chose in the end, marrying her some years after he rescued his father from the Mage of the Beginning.

Is Puerto Rico still poor?

The expansions are critically important for Puerto Rico, which has among the highest poverty rates in the country: 44 percent for its general population and an even higher 57 percent for children.

What is the #1 cause of death in Puerto Rico?

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in Puerto Rico.

Why is Puerto Rico still poor?

The geography of Puerto Rico and its political status are both determining factors on its economic prosperity, primarily due to its relatively small size as an island; its lack of natural resources used to produce raw materials, and, consequently, its dependence on imports; as well as its relationship with the United ...

Who was enslaved in Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico remained under Spanish Rule until 1898, and today Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory of the United States. The indigenous Taino people were enslaved by the Spanish and their culture was virtually destroyed.

How did sugar lead to slavery?

Europeans enjoyed their sugar and were causing the inhumane Atlantic slave trade. The conditions for enslaved people on sugar plantations in the Caribbean were especially brutal. Driven by profits, plantations owners saw enslaved labor as a less expensive way to produce sugar.

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